Our Work

Founded in Johannesburg in 2013, Speak Geek? has sought out the most promising new technology platforms globally and now develop applications on these platforms in order to provide users with the latest next generation technology experiences. With a passion for the latest trends we have been providing Virtual Reality (Gaming, Education, Training), Augmented Reality, Web VR, Custom Software, and IoT solutions to South Africa and the world.

Meet the team

  • Dean Hodgskiss Speak Geek? CEO


    "But what if?"
    & Beer

    Dean Hodgskiss Chief Hustler

    It is rumoured that he is the only person to have landed a quadruple axel during a competition back home in Queenstown during the winter, but when not on the ice our Chief Executive Officer, Dean is building Unicorn Start-Ups with his impressive resumé and energy towards changing the world.

  • Dylan Holshausen Speak Geek? CTO


    Code & Beer

    Dylan Holshausen Digital Overlord

    A robot from the future, our Chief Technology Officer has been sent to this timeline to learn about and explore current technologies which he uses to create full stack solutions that vastly improve the way businesses operate to build a better tomorrow. Perhaps he just wants to be a real boy.

  • Jaco Wilters Speak Geek? CCO


    Processes &

    Jaco Wilters Dr. Blueprint

    Some say it's the perfectly groomed beard we respect, others his work ethic. Whatever it may be, with Jaco as our Chief Operations Officer you can rest assured knowing that we have someone to whip our minions into place to insure that the highest quality projects are delivered to all our clients.

  • Chris Behrens Speak Geek? VFX Artists


    3D & Playstation

    Christopher Behrens Vertex Wrangler

    After 10 years in 3D Animation for the big and small screen, the student became the teacher as he found himself lecturing at the college he once studied at. Until one fateful day he stumbled into Dylan and asked, "What are we doing tonight, Brain?"

  • Shaun Lottering Speak Geek? Developer


    UX & Football

    Shaun Lottering The Web Unraveler

    Abandoned as a pup, he was found by Dylan who saw an eagerness, thirst for knowledge, and an eye for beautiful yet simplistic UI design. Shaun found a home where he spends his time coding in Edenvale with his family of Geeks. We pay him in doughnuts, which he can't get enough of.

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